The Code Had Finally Landed – #TeachTheWebKL


On 31st August, Mozilla Malaysia Community had successfully launched a 2-days webmaker training session. This event emphasize to teach HTML5 to participants with the help of webmaker’s tools, rumours had been spreading about the power of HTML5, but few knew that they can easily mix and hack on HTML5 using the webmaker tools. The event was filled up by attendees from all over Kuala Lumpur from various kind of expertise field including students, sys admins and developers.


Our community lead , Muhammad Syafiq Mazli is introducing about Mozilla Webmaker to the participants

We started at 9.00 a.m by introducing the participants to mozilla webmaker’s tools, they were really excited because none of them had actually use the tools. Few did heard but none had really know what to do with it.


Participants did some hands on before start dirty up their hands with the supplied tools  of webmaker


one of the makes by the participant

The second day was a blast where our session got ‘hacked’ with the appearence of the webmaker’s director Michelle Thorne!


Last but not least we had a photo selfie (groupfie) with the participants


More photos on the event can be found here!

Unboxing Firefox OS Tablet


We are so excited to share about the Firefox OS tablet prototype that we just received! The tablet is provided by the Tablet Contribution Program, that aimed to accelerate the complete build of Firefox OS for tablets by the collective efforts from developers, localizers, testers and bug fixers.
Tablet Box

10" tablet with brass-coloured aluminium frame

10.1″ tablet with brass-coloured aluminium frame

Firefox OS home screen

Firefox OS home screen

The first tablet device has a codename of “Flatfish” with Boot2Gceko software. The languages that are available at the moment are English(US), Arabic, French and Chinese.

Device Specifications:

Brand/Model: Foxconn InFocus New Tab F1
Processor: A31 (ARM Cortex A7) Quad-Core 1.2GHz w/ PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU
Storage: 16GB
Screen: 10.1″ capacitive multi-touch @ 1280×800
Camera: Dual cameras, 2MP/5MP
Wireless: 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Ports: Micro SD, Micro USB, Microphone, 3.5mm Earphone jack
Sensors: Light Sensor, G Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor
Other: Speaker 0.7W x 2 Stereo, GPS/AGPS & GLONASS
Battery: 7000 mAh
Dimensions: 266(L) x 170(W) x 9.7(H) mm
Weight: 580g

Please watch this video to see the Firefox OS tablet in action!

Unboxing and Review Firefox OS Tablet “Flatfish” from Mozilla Malaysia Community on Vimeo.

If you want to get the feeling of Firefox OS on smartphone and tablet, or to test your apps, you can add the Firefox OS Simulator to your favourite browser Firefox.


Firefox Kita!



On April 29, 2014 – Mozilla made its global debut through the overhauled design of the Firefox browser for its 29th version release to the public which was also released live in other 84 international languages, including Bahasa Malaysia / Malay for the first time since the existence of the globally-known browser.

“Firefox Kita” is the codenamed set up by the Mozilla Malaysia Community as a campaign in promoting the localized version of the Firefox browser. It took the Community 2 years to translate a gross amount of 88,000 strings of words and sentences from English to Bahasa Malaysia.

The codename was also used for a launch party organised by the Community on May 10, 2014 at House @ G Tower, Kuala Lumpur which has gathered 60 public attendees, excluding other Community members and also members of the media and press which also attended the event in providing coverage for the Community and its efforts.

In overall, the launch party was organised not just to introduce to the public regarding the overhauled Firefox, but also to spearhead to the locals regarding the localized Firefox browser in Bahasa Malaysia which is live for the first time and also in-conjunction with the globally celebrated new design of the Firefox browser.

Promotion was conducted before, during, and after the launch party across various social networking platforms with updates bearing a hash-tag known as “#FirefoxKita” and it has curated tremendous interactions between the Community and also the public in general.

A summary regarding the launch party can be viewed here on Storify. And below are promotions made through Malaysia’s 24 hours information and news TV channel – Astro Awani:

Before the Launch Party:
“RSVP #FirefoxKita untuk sertai acara mereka Sabtu depan”RSVP for #FirefoxKita in joining their event next Saturday

After the Launch Party:
“Firefox Bahasa Melayu dilancarkan secara rasmi”Firefox in Bahasa Malaysia has officially launched

One of Malaysia’s well-known Technology bloggers has also made write-ups regarding the Firefox browser itself, the Community, and also the localized Firefox browser which is known as Amanz Network and the link of posts penned are readable here as well.

Photos snapped throughout the Launch Party are also viewable on the Fan Page of the Community on Facebook at

Last but not least, the latest version of Firefox and the localized browser are also downloadable from the official Firefox website right here as well.

Hello Johor!


The local Malaysian Mozilla community recently conducted a weekend reach-out trip to one of the states on the Southern Region of Malaysia which is Johor and have organised two events within the state’s capital – MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 and also Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day 2014 on March 15 -16, 2014.

On top, is a group photo for MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 which was organised at Mariners Cafe and Bistro that have gathered attendees as young as 16 years-old and older which is not only just locals from the state, but also coming from neighbouring country – Singapore.

Community Lead – Muhammad Syafiq Mazli gave a talk at the event regarding the local community in overall taking into account as well are Mozilla Localization project and also Firefox Students’ Ambassadors program.

Majorly, responses received from those attendees – specifically locals, regarding the event was appreciation for the efforts in reaching out to them at their state by the Community whereby this kind of event representing one-of-a-kind well known giant like Mozilla is rare. On top of that, is because most of the locals do not know on which channel to go through on how to get involved in the local community and being a part of the Mozilla project which mainly matches with their interests and skills that are also non-technical ones.

Referring to the group photo above, it was snapped at the main campus of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Skudai, Johor where the Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day was organised at. This event received supports from the Language Academy of the University which have garnered feedback from 60 participants consisting of the University’s students and academicians on the need of the localised Mozilla Firefox web browser in Bahasa Malaysia and also the quality of the translation made.

A timeline of the Test Day is readable on Storify at which has filtered updates not only just from the Community on its Twitter channel –, but also from attendees themselves with the hash-tag #FirefoxBM.

The rest of the photos snapped at MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 are viewable on the Community’s Facebook fan page at and here is for the Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day 2014 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia –

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Mariners Cafe and Bistro for the willingness on becoming as the Venue Partner for MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 and also to the Language Academy of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for supporting thus contributing to the betterment of the localised Mozilla Firefox web browser in Bahasa Malaysia – a part of the Mozilla Localization project.

For any education institute either school, university, or college that is interested in testing and evaluating the localised Mozilla Firefox browser – please reach out to the Community either on Twitter at, or on Facebook at or via direct e-mail to the local community’s Media and Public Relations Lead – Muhammad Hafiz, at

Penampilan Firefox OS di Kongress Mudah Alih Dunia 2014


Satu-satunya sistem operasi telefon pintar bebas untuk dilancarkan di beberapa negara yang bakal menunjukkan generasi platform akan datang berasaskan HTML5.

Kawasan Pameran Mozilla di Kongress Mudah Alih Dunia 2014

San Francisco , 18 Februari 2014 – Mozilla dengan sukacitanya mengesahkan bahawa ia akan menghadiri, mempamerkan serta bercakap di Kongres Dunia Mudah Alih 2014 (Mobile World Congress 2014 – MWC2014) tahun ini di Barcelona. Tahun ini, Firefox OS akan mengambil tempat di Dewan 3 Fira Gran Via, di samping pengendali dan pengeluar peranti terkemuka.

Kelebihan Firefox OS ialah ia dibina dengan piawaian yang bercirikan web terbuka. Dengan ini, ia telah menerima sokongan industri yang ketara sejak ia diperkenalkan di MWC 2013. Peranti tersebut telah pantas dipasarkan di Amerika Latin dan turut dijual di 14 pasaran termasuk sembilan di Eropah, dengan empat pengendali dan tiga pengeluar telefon bimbit. Fleksibiliti peranti tersebut turut membolehkan penyesuaian mudah untuk memenuhi keperluan unik pelanggan setempat yang bersedia untuk bertukar dari menggunakan telefon ciri kepada telefon pintar.

Berikut adalah pembangunan bagi produk Mozilla yang bakal dipamerkan di Kongress itu nanti:

Firefox Marketplace: Persekitaran terbuka menggabungkan aplikasi peringkat atasan dan hyper- tempatan yang memanfaatkan skala web untuk pengguna dan pemaju aplikasi.

Firefox untuk Android: Satu penyelesaian yang disesuaikan untuk integrasi dengan perkhidmatan pihak lain / pihak ketiga, pengedaran oleh rakan rasmi, dan juga menguhubungkan pengguna serta peranti lain.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Mozilla di Kongress tersebut, sila layari

Maklumat dari pihak Mozilla di Kongress tersebut akan disebarkan secara langsung dari kawasan Kongress tersebut di Barcelona melalui akaun platform Twitter @Firefox, @Firefox_ES, dan juga @FirefoxBrasil dengan menggunakan tag #FirefoxOS, #MWC14 dan #MWC. Pihak Mozilla Malaysia akan turut menyebarkan maklumat tersebut kepada semua di Malaysia melalui akaun @MozillaMY.

Making Marks Globally!


“On February 4th, 2014 we will officially “unveil” the Mozilla monument that has been installed just outside our San Francisco space. This sculpture was created to celebrate our global community and demonstrate the power of Mozilla to inspire people round the world to create a better, open Web.

We introduced this project to most of you at the Summit last October but it has been in the works for over a year. The journey from initial idea, through city-permitting, construction, and ultimately to today, has been a memorable one so we put together a behind-the-scenes that can be seen here
And while the amount of steel, gallons of paint, and number of hours it took to print the 4,500+ names of our contributors is fascinating, the real story, and the one that matters most, is what the structure represents:

“These are the educators, technologists, thinkers and builders, past and present, who help us keep the Internet alive and freely accessible — a global community working to empower people to be informed contributors and creators of the Web.” ” – Mardi Douglass, Internal Communications at Mozilla

Referring to the quote above, without further ado, we would like to announce that we are also a part in the making of this monument through our great members who are also contributors that have made their marks with the names engraved on the monument!

Pictures of our engraved members’ name can be found at

At the time of this writing, there is a campaign going on in celebrating official Mozilla communities worldwide on social media for 1 day (February 4th, 2014) – specifically, on Twitter and Facebook, and expected to be spearheaded on Instagram and many more with the hash-tag “#IAmAMozillian” where members of communities talking about themselves and experiences of contributing to Mozilla which indirectly to the betterment of the web whereby in one sentence: “Doing good is part of our code”!

There is also a watchable video on Youtube highlighting on Behind The Scenes of the Monument filmed in San Francisco at

To fellow Malaysians out there who are using Mozilla Firefox as their preferred browser, or Mozilla Thunderbird as their preferred e-mail client, or any relevant software and platforms of Mozilla, do tweet to us at @MozillaMY about your thoughts regarding all of those mentioned which are relevant with your daily life.

Let’s celebrate this achievement with us, and from all of us – the community, we would like to say thank you so much to all of you for the tremendous supports throughout those times since the beginning of time! We are looking forward to up-bring us – the Malaysians, together with all of you, at another greater level of achievements!

Mozilla Malaysia at Mozilla Summit 2013


On 4th to 6th October, thousands of Mozillians from all over the world joined Mozilla Summit which simultaneously took place in three cities, Brussels (Belgium), Santa Clara (California, USA) and Toronto (Ontario, Canada). It was an exciting opportunity for key volunteers and Mozilla employees to gather together and work face to face.


The Summit started with a keynote presentation from Chief Lizard Wrangler, Mitchell Baker. The speech put emphasis on the web that should be knowable (know more), interoperable (do more), and be ours (do better).

We met a lot of Mozillians from diverse cultures. The World Fair provided a good chance to interact with communities that has common interest towards open Web, from all over the globe. Plus, it’s the time for unique Mozilla swags exchange and collection!

Mozilla Malaysia booth at World Fair

Mozilla Malaysia booth at World Fair

This would be the most interesting part of the Summit. The Innovation Fair! It is a showcase of new and ongoing Mozilla technologies.  This includes:

They are all open source and ready for contributors and bug reports. Explore them and be blown away!

There’s a number of supporting sessions and open sessions that ran simultaneously throughout the event. Some of the sessions that we participated were learning and teaching the Webmaker, discussion on growing to a million of Mozillians, and Open Badges hacking session.

Brett Gaylor at Webmaker session

Brett Gaylor at Webmaker session

Open Badges

Open Badges

Firefox OS phone is on the rise

Firefox OS phone is on the rise

Besides of all these geeky agendas, there were also social events that took place. After all, it is one of the Summit’s objectives; to socialize among Mozillians that were only brought into virtual contact via IRC, etc.

Brendan Eich karaoke-ing on stage!

Since the Summit location was in the state of California, we took a chance to visit Mozilla Space and Mozilla HQ. Now this has made us to feel more electrified to be a Mozillian!

Mozilla Space San Francisco

Mozilla Space San Francisco

With Indonesian Mozillians at Mozilla Office, Mountain View

With Indonesian Mozillians at Mozilla Office Mountain View

In short, Mozilla Summit 2013 has develop a shared understanding of what Mozilla really is, the plan to move our shared mission forward, and how the products and offerings fit into these goals. We are truly inspired and going to keep the enthusiasm to work to a continued success of open web.

One word: AWESOME!

One word: AWESOME!


An Aspiring Yet Revolutionizing Event : TEDx Weld Quay


On a rather gloomy Saturday, October 12, the Mozilla Malaysia Community was invited as a sponsor for TEDxWeldQuay. What is TEDxWeldQuay all about? In line with TED’s mission of Ideas Worth Spreading, TEDxWeldQuay aspires to be a catalyst; which aims to inspire, change and cultivate the minds of the Penang community and the world beyond


Having started our journey around 9a.m, we left Ampang Park Station for Penang. It took us almost 3 hours to reach Broadway Budget Hotel which to our surprise was the bang for buck. After changing and settling down, we walked instead of driving (parking in Penang was a hassle) off for lunch at Line Clear Nasi Kandar.

Syafiq Enjoying His Nasi Kandar


After lunch (luckily we weren’t late), we walked all the way to The Whiteaways Arcade. The TEDx members were very organized as they gave us our stickers and also saved two spots for the Mozilla. The event was kicked off by the first speaker, Goh Choon Ean who spoke about Drive. Then followed by, Simon A Faure-Field from Equal Strategy who gave a talk on how powerful is the sense of scent. Gary Thompson, Co-Founder of Cloud Inc shared his experience on how his friends son died off cancer which was really saddening.

Goh Choon Ean talking about the drive in us.
Simon Faure-Field talking about scent as another powerful tool.
Gary Thompson sharing his sad experience.


After that, Sam Coleman showed how Magazines could still empower the media as he is the Editor in Chief of Esquire which was then followed by Binzhu on how she pursued her dreams on becoming a singer. Yung Sheng then talked on how he came about the idea behind the clothing brand named Lansi which means be proud/arrogant in what you’re good at in Cantonese. Finally, a true Malaysian artist named Boey gave his talk which revolved around never giving up after failing. We from Mozilla Malaysia greatly hope that your father went through the surgery successfully.

Sam Coleman on magazines as a powerful media tool.
 Bihzhu sharing her experience on pursuing her dreams as a singer.
Yung Shen talking about his clothing brand named Lansi.
Boey Chee Ming telling us to get up everytime we fall.


The event ended successfully at around 6p.m and we left the hall filled with inspiration. As an appreciation, we would like to thank TEDxWeldQuay for allowing us to be sponsoring again and inspiring us to inspire young web developers to further achieve their dreams. We also would like to thank all the speaker for giving and sharing such an amazing experiences/stories with us and we hope that we’ll will be able to inspire someone to give a talk in the near future.

Syafiq receiving a sponsors appreciation on behalf of Mozilla Malaysia.


After the event ended, we decided to hang around Penang a little bit. So we headed off for dinner with Fahmi (@justryuz) & his friend from Kedah at Padang Kota. It is true that Penang still has the best food to be served on the table in Malaysia. Later next day, we left the hotel and made our move back to Kuala Lumpur. We took an alternative route back from Penang back to Mainland by using the ferry instead of the bridge. In the evening on that Sunday, we safely arrived back home in Kuala Lumpur.

Having dinner in Padang Kota with friends.
Enjoying the view of the Straits of Melaka



Cultivating and Appreciating Efforts in Localization


On May 25, the Mozilla Malaysia Community has organised its inaugural meet-up for l10n translation contributors, with the aims to get its contributors to socialise among each other physically in the real world rather than just virtually via social networks and chatting rooms. It’s also to brainstorm among the attendees on scaling up the needed skills that involve in translation and localization for all matters that are related to certain software produced by Mozilla.


Thanks to Mike Smith and his teammates from I-Train, the meet-up was organised at their place known as “1337 Accelerator” located inside the MSC Malaysia Knowledge Workers’ Development Centre in Cyberjaya – which is also famous of being called as Malaysia’s very own Silicon Valley.

Welcome keynote was given by the Community lead, Syafiq Mazli. The keynote was consisted of information regarding translation tools and portals that are being used by the contributors, progresses and successes achieved by the Community for the localization project, and ended with a feedback message regarding the Community’s effort on localization from Jeff Beatty (Mozilla L10n Driver)

4 brainstorming sessions were held throughout the meet-up by members of the Community who had experienced in a lot of matters regarding localization within the Community itself. Shakir Sudar spoke about “Strategies for newcomers in the Community’s l10n team”. Mahrazi shared his ideas on the skills of a successful localizer among Mozilla’s local communities internationally. Our very own style guide in translations and localizations projects was explained by Fahmi Fisal. And last but not least, Lai Chen Haw spoke about upcoming localization projects that are expected to be held within the Community.



The meet-up was ended with group photo-shoots, video recording on highlighting contributions by the members of the Community, and also testing session of the recently launched Firefox KEON gadget which gave the attendees a first-time experience of using the mobile version of the Firefox OS.








Again, everyone are welcomed to be part of the community and contribute whatever you are good at for a better world wide web! Get started in our project by creating a new account here and preview Firefox in Bahasa Malaysia and tell us what you think by downloading Firefox Aurora here.

Firefox Aurora Bahasa Malaysia Campaign 2013


We (Mozilla Malaysia L10n Team) had hosted an online campaign, Firefox Aurora BM Campaign at Facebook Event (since many members are active on Facebook) last April 2013. With few active contributors in Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Project, the campaign took a month to accomplish the following goals:

1. Complete Web Parts / Critical strings and test the web pages

2. Feedback from community regarding the quality of the translation

3. Complete the Firefox 21 strings (about 300)

event post 1

Starting from April 1, the campaign had a positive progress, thanks to the contribution among members and it was finished about three weeks after the event launched. Check below progress.

Week 1

event week 1

Week 2

event week 2

Week 3

event week 3

Week 4

event week 4


We would like to give a very special thanks to these contributors who had heavily contributed to this project, Haryati Salehin @yadyadun, Mahrazi @mahrazi, Ahmed Noor Kadir @sir.ade, Muhammad Shakir @ShahPhD, Mohd Amirol @amirolahmad, Mohd Fadzil @fadz8L, Arif Fahmi @justryuz, Adnan @xanda, Nicolas Yip, @salocinten and a lot more names!

P/S : We have something called the “awesome stuff” to be given to our l10n contributors and stay tuned for the upcoming updates!