An Aspiring Yet Revolutionizing Event : TEDx Weld Quay

On a rather gloomy Saturday, October 12, the Mozilla Malaysia Community was invited as a sponsor for TEDxWeldQuay. What is TEDxWeldQuay all about? In line with TED’s mission of Ideas Worth Spreading, TEDxWeldQuay aspires to be a catalyst; which aims to inspire, change and cultivate the minds of the Penang community and the world beyond


Having started our journey around 9a.m, we left Ampang Park Station for Penang. It took us almost 3 hours to reach Broadway Budget Hotel which to our surprise was the bang for buck. After changing and settling down, we walked instead of driving (parking in Penang was a hassle) off for lunch at Line Clear Nasi Kandar.

Syafiq Enjoying His Nasi Kandar


After lunch (luckily we weren’t late), we walked all the way to The Whiteaways Arcade. The TEDx members were very organized as they gave us our stickers and also saved two spots for the Mozilla. The event was kicked off by the first speaker, Goh Choon Ean who spoke about Drive. Then followed by, Simon A Faure-Field from Equal Strategy who gave a talk on how powerful is the sense of scent. Gary Thompson, Co-Founder of Cloud Inc shared his experience on how his friends son died off cancer which was really saddening.

Goh Choon Ean talking about the drive in us.
Simon Faure-Field talking about scent as another powerful tool.
Gary Thompson sharing his sad experience.


After that, Sam Coleman showed how Magazines could still empower the media as he is the Editor in Chief of Esquire which was then followed by Binzhu on how she pursued her dreams on becoming a singer. Yung Sheng then talked on how he came about the idea behind the clothing brand named Lansi which means be proud/arrogant in what you’re good at in Cantonese. Finally, a true Malaysian artist named Boey gave his talk which revolved around never giving up after failing. We from Mozilla Malaysia greatly hope that your father went through the surgery successfully.

Sam Coleman on magazines as a powerful media tool.
 Bihzhu sharing her experience on pursuing her dreams as a singer.
Yung Shen talking about his clothing brand named Lansi.
Boey Chee Ming telling us to get up everytime we fall.


The event ended successfully at around 6p.m and we left the hall filled with inspiration. As an appreciation, we would like to thank TEDxWeldQuay for allowing us to be sponsoring again and inspiring us to inspire young web developers to further achieve their dreams. We also would like to thank all the speaker for giving and sharing such an amazing experiences/stories with us and we hope that we’ll will be able to inspire someone to give a talk in the near future.

Syafiq receiving a sponsors appreciation on behalf of Mozilla Malaysia.


After the event ended, we decided to hang around Penang a little bit. So we headed off for dinner with Fahmi (@justryuz) & his friend from Kedah at Padang Kota. It is true that Penang still has the best food to be served on the table in Malaysia. Later next day, we left the hotel and made our move back to Kuala Lumpur. We took an alternative route back from Penang back to Mainland by using the ferry instead of the bridge. In the evening on that Sunday, we safely arrived back home in Kuala Lumpur.

Having dinner in Padang Kota with friends.
Enjoying the view of the Straits of Melaka



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