Cultivating and Appreciating Efforts in Localization

On May 25, the Mozilla Malaysia Community has organised its inaugural meet-up for l10n translation contributors, with the aims to get its contributors to socialise among each other physically in the real world rather than just virtually via social networks and chatting rooms. It’s also to brainstorm among the attendees on scaling up the needed skills that involve in translation and localization for all matters that are related to certain software produced by Mozilla.


Thanks to Mike Smith and his teammates from I-Train, the meet-up was organised at their place known as “1337 Accelerator” located inside the MSC Malaysia Knowledge Workers’ Development Centre in Cyberjaya – which is also famous of being called as Malaysia’s very own Silicon Valley.

Welcome keynote was given by the Community lead, Syafiq Mazli. The keynote was consisted of information regarding translation tools and portals that are being used by the contributors, progresses and successes achieved by the Community for the localization project, and ended with a feedback message regarding the Community’s effort on localization from Jeff Beatty (Mozilla L10n Driver)

4 brainstorming sessions were held throughout the meet-up by members of the Community who had experienced in a lot of matters regarding localization within the Community itself. Shakir Sudar spoke about “Strategies for newcomers in the Community’s l10n team”. Mahrazi shared his ideas on the skills of a successful localizer among Mozilla’s local communities internationally. Our very own style guide in translations and localizations projects was explained by Fahmi Fisal. And last but not least, Lai Chen Haw spoke about upcoming localization projects that are expected to be held within the Community.



The meet-up was ended with group photo-shoots, video recording on highlighting contributions by the members of the Community, and also testing session of the recently launched Firefox KEON gadget which gave the attendees a first-time experience of using the mobile version of the Firefox OS.








Again, everyone are welcomed to be part of the community and contribute whatever you are good at for a better world wide web! Get started in our project by creating a new account here and preview Firefox in Bahasa Malaysia and tell us what you think by downloading Firefox Aurora here.

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