Firefox Aurora Bahasa Malaysia Campaign 2013

We (Mozilla Malaysia L10n Team) had hosted an online campaign, Firefox Aurora BM Campaign at Facebook Event (since many members are active on Facebook) last April 2013. With few active contributors in Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Project, the campaign took a month to accomplish the following goals:

1. Complete Web Parts / Critical strings and test the web pages

2. Feedback from community regarding the quality of the translation

3. Complete the Firefox 21 strings (about 300)

event post 1

Starting from April 1, the campaign had a positive progress, thanks to the contribution among members and it was finished about three weeks after the event launched. Check below progress.

Week 1

event week 1

Week 2

event week 2

Week 3

event week 3

Week 4

event week 4


We would like to give a very special thanks to these contributors who had heavily contributed to this project, Haryati Salehin @yadyadun, Mahrazi @mahrazi, Ahmed Noor Kadir @sir.ade, Muhammad Shakir @ShahPhD, Mohd Amirol @amirolahmad, Mohd Fadzil @fadz8L, Arif Fahmi @justryuz, Adnan @xanda, Nicolas Yip, @salocinten and a lot more names!

P/S : We have something called the “awesome stuff” to be given to our l10n contributors and stay tuned for the upcoming updates!

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