Firefox Kita!


On April 29, 2014 – Mozilla made its global debut through the overhauled design of the Firefox browser for its 29th version release to the public which was also released live in other 84 international languages, including Bahasa Malaysia / Malay for the first time since the existence of the globally-known browser.

“Firefox Kita” is the codenamed set up by the Mozilla Malaysia Community as a campaign in promoting the localized version of the Firefox browser. It took the Community 2 years to translate a gross amount of 88,000 strings of words and sentences from English to Bahasa Malaysia.

The codename was also used for a launch party organised by the Community on May 10, 2014 at House @ G Tower, Kuala Lumpur which has gathered 60 public attendees, excluding other Community members and also members of the media and press which also attended the event in providing coverage for the Community and its efforts.

In overall, the launch party was organised not just to introduce to the public regarding the overhauled Firefox, but also to spearhead to the locals regarding the localized Firefox browser in Bahasa Malaysia which is live for the first time and also in-conjunction with the globally celebrated new design of the Firefox browser.

Promotion was conducted before, during, and after the launch party across various social networking platforms with updates bearing a hash-tag known as “#FirefoxKita” and it has curated tremendous interactions between the Community and also the public in general.

A summary regarding the launch party can be viewed here on Storify. And below are promotions made through Malaysia’s 24 hours information and news TV channel – Astro Awani:

Before the Launch Party:
“RSVP #FirefoxKita untuk sertai acara mereka Sabtu depan”RSVP for #FirefoxKita in joining their event next Saturday

After the Launch Party:
“Firefox Bahasa Melayu dilancarkan secara rasmi”Firefox in Bahasa Malaysia has officially launched

One of Malaysia’s well-known Technology bloggers has also made write-ups regarding the Firefox browser itself, the Community, and also the localized Firefox browser which is known as Amanz Network and the link of posts penned are readable here as well.

Photos snapped throughout the Launch Party are also viewable on the Fan Page of the Community on Facebook at

Last but not least, the latest version of Firefox and the localized browser are also downloadable from the official Firefox website right here as well.

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