Hello Johor!

The local Malaysian Mozilla community recently conducted a weekend reach-out trip to one of the states on the Southern Region of Malaysia which is Johor and have organised two events within the state’s capital – MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 and also Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day 2014 on March 15 -16, 2014.

On top, is a group photo for MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 which was organised at Mariners Cafe and Bistro that have gathered attendees as young as 16 years-old and older which is not only just locals from the state, but also coming from neighbouring country – Singapore.

Community Lead – Muhammad Syafiq Mazli gave a talk at the event regarding the local community in overall taking into account as well are Mozilla Localization project and also Firefox Students’ Ambassadors program.

Majorly, responses received from those attendees – specifically locals, regarding the event was appreciation for the efforts in reaching out to them at their state by the Community whereby this kind of event representing one-of-a-kind well known giant like Mozilla is rare. On top of that, is because most of the locals do not know on which channel to go through on how to get involved in the local community and being a part of the Mozilla project which mainly matches with their interests and skills that are also non-technical ones.

Referring to the group photo above, it was snapped at the main campus of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Skudai, Johor where the Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day was organised at. This event received supports from the Language Academy of the University which have garnered feedback from 60 participants consisting of the University’s students and academicians on the need of the localised Mozilla Firefox web browser in Bahasa Malaysia and also the quality of the translation made.

A timeline of the Test Day is readable on Storify at storify.com/MozillaMy/firefox-bm-test-day-2014 which has filtered updates not only just from the Community on its Twitter channel – twitter.com/MozillaMY, but also from attendees themselves with the hash-tag #FirefoxBM.

The rest of the photos snapped at MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 are viewable on the Community’s Facebook fan page at facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564234340334326.1073741830.181675451923552 and here is for the Firefox Bahasa Malaysia Test Day 2014 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564241933666900.1073741831.181675451923552.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Mariners Cafe and Bistro for the willingness on becoming as the Venue Partner for MozCafe Johor Bahru 2014 and also to the Language Academy of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for supporting thus contributing to the betterment of the localised Mozilla Firefox web browser in Bahasa Malaysia – a part of the Mozilla Localization project.

For any education institute either school, university, or college that is interested in testing and evaluating the localised Mozilla Firefox browser – please reach out to the Community either on Twitter at twitter.com/MozillaMY, or on Facebook at facebook.com/MozillaMalaysia or via direct e-mail to the local community’s Media and Public Relations Lead – Muhammad Hafiz, at hafiz@mozilla.my.

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