Malaysia Open Source Conference 2012 (MOSC2012) – Day 1

Hi all,

He we go with the Day 1 of event. The crowd starting to line up for registration as early as 8 am. Since we are the first booth that ready to gogo gaga, the crowd starts to fire up with a lots of question and doubts. They asking about what we doing, are we directly hired by Mozilla and how they can contribute. We managed to answer them with the answers and asked to them to join our mailinglist and fb group. Awesome ! :D

Mozillian on job

When the event nearly to end for Day-1, we throw them with the new product campaign which is Firefox on Android phone. For those, who managed to install Firefox immediately and flash it out to us, they win Mozilla T-shirt. Happy faces with the brand new Firefox on Android and Mozilla T-shirt.

After all the delegates went back, this is the time where Mozillians get to together and do the still unfinished job. We headed up to B-24-10 to start L10N sessions. Once, we had done L10N, we heading out for dinner and chit-chat. Haha :D

That’s all for Day 1. See you later !! :D

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